Improving Your Meals

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The more colors on your plate, the healthier the meal! Adding a balanced amount of vegetables to your diet can benefit your body in many ways. It can decrease your risk of cancer, heart disease, and several other sicknesses.


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Basic Strength Training At Home

The purpose of this video is for teaching the viewer about basic strength training from their own home. This routine can be used by either gender and by people of all ages. It uses basic equipment that you can buy at your nearest sporting goods store. The woman teaching the workout is a certified trainer who runs her own YouTube channel. Within the information tab, the author added that Creative Commons licensed the video. When I clicked on the link, it brought me to a page with the proof of license and the summary of the Legal Code. It states that people are allowed to use her video to copy, modify, and perform the work as long as it is cited. The user does not need to ask for permission from the owner to use it.

Know Your Meme

meme I love seeing the someecards memes because they always use dry sarcasm. They also do not focus around one topic, there is one for nearly every situation. This meme is beneficial to my blog since it is focused on improving your over health. To explain this meme, in other words, even though purchasing organic foods or healthier choices from the grocery store are more expensive than fast food or boxed items that have been processed, you run the greater risk of having medical issues down the road. Putting a little elbow grease into cooking your own food will not only make it taste better but you will know exactly what is entering your body. The more sugary and greasy foods you eat, the more you will crave them. Once you start eliminating objects that are high in saturated fats and high fructose corn syrup, you will no longer yearn for these foods. Medical conditions like diabetes, heart disease, obesity are extremely common for people who surround their diet around processed and fast foods.

Promoting my Blog

Out of several social media websites, I believe Facebook would be the most beneficial for promoting my blog. I feel that links spread faster on Facebook as opposed to Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat because Facebook does not limit the author to a certain amount of characters, plus it can be re-posted, or shared, easier. Facebook also has people of all ages on it, meanwhile most other social media sites are tailored more to the younger generation. Even though I do think the younger generation is getting into more of a healthy routine by eating right and going to the gym, I still believe there are thousands of people in the older generations still trying to maintain a good lifestyle.

Creating a Commercial

Link to My Commercial

For some reason GarageBand was having issues downloading on my laptop so I had to skip that step all together. I ended up using SoundCloud to create my commercial. This was the first time I have ever been on SoundCloud but I know it is a very popular tool for people to use when creating their own sounds or music.

Figuring out how to record on SoundCloud took about an hour alone. Then trying to find two songs that were just instrumental took another hour. I do not know why I seem to struggle with the simplest tasks. Using new, virtual technology is hard to learn, but once I get the hang of it, it becomes like second nature to me.

Muscle Mass Growth

Believe it or not, it is important to gain weight when also trying to gain muscle. However, the weight that needs to be gained is not from cookies and cake, but from foods full of nutrients and healthy fats like sweet potatoes and avocados. Dividing muscle groups when lifting can help achieve the look one may be striving for. Increasing sets is also important when adding more food to your diet.

What are Macronutrients?

They are the nutrients that provide the body with its daily energy. Macronutrients consist of three main categories: fats, carbohydrates, and protein. Carbohyrdrates are the preferred source of energy for the body, and especially the brain. Even though fats have a bad reputation, they are dense source of energy and help assist in development and growth of cell membranes. Lastly, proteins are made up of amino acids which are a vital part to the cell. They help in growth and repair of muscles.

Creating my Header

I definitely had difficulty with creating and designing my header. Initially, I found a decent amount of images that peaked my interest but none of them filled the criteria we needed. After searching numerous variations of words, I finally found the perfect images. The main background image is a picture of a healthy meal that will hopefully catch the eye of people who find interest in improving their diet. Second, the image I cropped on top shows that this website is not only a good place to find recipes, you can also learn fitness and diet tips to improve your body image.

To create my header, I used Pixlr. It took me a while to figure out how to use it, but after watching the Youtube videos Professor Bridges supplied us with, I was able to slowly figure it out. Trying to correctly size the image, cut, paste, and alter colors was a challenge. It is so funny to see how even I, who grew up with all types of technology, can still be stumped by the littlest of things. I know understand why my parents struggle so much when trying to use these new technologies.

I am definitely more creative than what my website currently looks like. I have to keep working with and discovering new tools on WordPress and Pixlr to help everything flow more naturally. Working with the same few colors and fonts is very important to me because it makes websites look clean, neat, and professional. Additionally, I need to continue to tailor my website to make sure the topic of information I am trying to portray is getting across to my viewer successfully. I hope to continue to work with websites like these to strengthen my weaknesses and give me more confidence during the creation of a presentation.